KeepingYour Hair Healthy During Social Distancing


We can look at this time as a bad thing or we can choose to use this time to love on ourselves! Giving yourself  some extra love and care could make your hair healthier.  Why not emerge from this with some more inches of hair?! Unfortunately, hair salons are closed so here are some at home hair care tips to keep your hair heathy during Social Distancing.

1.) Keep Natural Hair Moisturized

Whether you wear hair extensions, a wig, or your natural hair, the golden rule still applys. Dry hair can break easier and moisturized hair gives your hair elasticity. You must nourish and strengthen your hair with moisture to prevent breakage. It is important to know which hair care products to use at home during social distancing. Keeping your hair and scalp oiled is essential for hair growth.

2.) Tie Your Hair Up With A Silk Scarf Only

Lounging around and having more down time has become a way of life for most of us now. Relax but keep your hair healthy. Wrapping up your hair with anything other than silk material will cause your hair to break. True silk scarfs are kind of expensive so be sure that youre using a 100% silk scarf.

If you're wearing a frontal be sure you order your Bambi Lifestyle silk edge wrap and 100% silk scarf to keep your frontal laid and natural hair healthy.

3.) Comb Your Hair Everyday

To prevent your hair from breakage, you should comb and detangle your hair everyday.  If you are natural be sure that your hair is wet and moisturized before attempting to comb or detangle your hair.  You do not want your hair to become matted from laying on it even while wearing a silk scarf. So be sure to comb everyday.


 4.) Use Moisturizing Shampoo And Conditioner 

If you have to shampoo your hair, there are many hair care products to use at home. Using a moisturizing  shampoo and conditioner will cleanse and condition your hair without removing moisture from your hair. Adding them to your hair care routine will keep your hair strands softer, shinier, and healthier during social distancing. 

5.) Use Hair Masque Treatments

Give your hair the royal treatment during social distancing with a hair masque. Hair Masque have plenty of benefits. They make your hair shinier, softer, adds moisture, reduces breakage, promotes a healthier scalp, and strengthens your hair. Be sure to apply every 2 weeks. 

6.) Let Your Hair Down

At this point a scarf is probably a part of your social distancing uniform but you still want to make sure you're allowing your hair to breathe. Take your scarf off from time to time.  Also, don't keep your hair in a ponytail because tension from the ponytail can cause breakage. 

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