What Should I Use to Moisturize My Bundles???

If you are wearing a thinner texture of hair like Peruvian hair, you wouldn’t want to use the same oil that you use on a thicker texture of hair like Brazilian or Indian hair. Also if you’re wearing a sleek straight look, you wouldn’t use the same moisturizer that you use on a deep wave or kinky straight look. You should use a lighter moisturizer on a sleek look, a moisturizing cream on a deep wave look, and a heavier oil on a kinky straight look. So make sure you’re being mindful of texture when selecting a moisturizer. If you’re unsure of what to use, heavy moisturizers are a no! They lead to a faster build-up meaning your extensions will appear lifeless, thin, and greasy. You will feel like they need to be shampooed. So to prevent this non-attractive look, stay away from using heavy moisturizers such as coconut oil, argan oil, and olive oil. It is better to use serums and glosses lightly. Serums and glosses are good because they provide temporary shine and can be used more frequently. The moisturizers I like to use on the my clients and myself are:

Pink Moisturizer-Gloss (all textures; may need to be used more often because its a lighter oil)

Mizani-Gloss (for thicker textures like Brazilian and Indian hair)

BioSilk-Serum (all textures; may need to be used more often because its a lighter oil)

Influance-Oil Sheen (all textures)

Lotta Body-Curl & Style Milk (for curly and wet looks)


Now keep in mind, most of these are not moisturizers that I prefer to use on natural hair. Also, even though these moisturizers are lighter, I still use them lightly to prevent build up. I hope these tips help!

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